About Choosing Change

Choosing Change works with people engaged in social, community and organisational change

for example, regenerating disadvantaged neighbourhoods, creating representative organisations, or building sustainable communities. We aim to share learning about how people transform their lives, organisations and communities for the better.

Choosing Change was set up in 2005 by Roger Saunders. Since then we have designed and delivered hundreds of training courses for over 80 clients throughout the UK.

About Roger Saunders

“I see Choosing Change as a forum for shared learning. I want to keep developing the best possible tools, and creating the best possible opportunities, for genuinely empowering people and communities. I would love to hear from anyone who shares a similar passion or is doing similar work, and is interested in getting involved in some way.”

Roger has worked in social housing and regeneration for over 30 years.

In the 1970s and early 80s, he worked in community and political theatre as a writer, actor and director. After a period developing and working in the housing co-operative movement, he joined Priority Estates Project in 1985. In the 1980s he was part of the PEP team developing local housing management on difficult to let estates.

After PEP became independent of government in 1989, Roger carried out a wide range of projects for local authorities, housing associations, and community groups. During the ‘90s, he developed and co-ordinated a government-sponsored national programme of training for residents, consisting of around 35 events each year.

Community development and empowerment have been a major part of Roger’s work. He has developed a variety of community-led structures – including neighbourhood agreements, community associations, multi-agency forums and contract boards. He is experienced in participatory methods for engaging people, such as PLA (Participatory Learning and Action).

From the mid-90s, Roger worked increasingly on local economic development, in partnership with European organisations, and led the development of a new model known as Resident Services Organisations (RSOs). He subsequently worked with partners to pilot the approach – setting up community-based organisations to employ local people to deliver local services in their own neighbourhoods.

Roger was Chief Executive of PEP from 2001 to 2005, also working as a Neighbourhood Renewal Adviser to the government.  He has an MSc in Management Development and Training, is a qualified NLP Practitioner, is a member of the Human Givens Institute and a qualified psychotherapist and coach. He has published a wide range of reports and guides on housing, resident services organisations, community involvement and inter-personal skills.

In 2005 he set up Choosing Change.