The Steps Programme


The most ambitious training we’ve created so far in Choosing Change is our Steps Programme. Working with some enlightened housing associations, we developed this programme to empower tenants to make positive changes in their lives. Some courses have been targeted at tenants living in supported housing, some at people aiming to enter or return to paid employment, while others have been open to anyone in the local community.

We’ve really been shaping this programme over several years – testing an approach, assessing the impact over time on participants, adapting content and style, testing again. We’ve ended up with 8 half-day sessions, one session per week, in a format that enables participants to share their hopes and ambitions, explore the barriers that are holding them back, support one another, learn useful tools and techniques, and tap into other local resources.

The programme starts by focusing on the individual, how they look after themselves physically and emotionally, then gradually widens the lens to take in relationships with friends and family, connections with their local community, how they see their place in the world and how they give their lives meaning. The programme ends by helping participants to get organised and take action. For some, this has meant going out and finding employment or a fulfilling voluntary role, for some it’s meant joining or forming a community group, for some it’s involved further education and training, while for others it’s been something as simple but life-changing as getting out of their home once a day or getting regular exercise.

To download a course programme, click here.

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